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We specialize in personal dinner parties for 4-40 people.
 Menus are discussed and tailored to your preferences and budget. 
Freshly prepared dishes delivered to your own home, poolside or your place of choice.
 Choose your personalised menu and leave the cooking to Moon!

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The Vietnamese are truly passionate about their food. The time of the day is identified by the food you are eating rather than the watch on your wrist! Eating is indeed a coveted & high priority in every Vietnamese life, young or old, rich or poor, we always find time to stop & eat, sampling the same flavours & healthy nourishment that our ancestors have enjoyed for centuries.

Despite periods of Chinese domination & French Colonial rule, Vietnam has managed to retain its own distinct cuisine, & once tried will always be remembered.

Ask any traveller or tourist who has dined in Vietnam, but make sure you do not have a plane to catch, they will hold you for hours as they tell their own fascinating tales of Vietnamese cuisine.

The fertile deltas deliver the rice & the country's long coastline with the sea provides plentiful fish and seafood of many exciting varieties. In addition, Vietnam is blessed with a tropical climate which means an abundance of exotic fruit & vegetable is available all the year round.

Pork, Beef, & Chicken are never too far away and often stir fried to perfection with bamboo shoot, bean sprout or similar seasonal vegetables.

Spring onion, ginger, shallot, lemon grass and optional garlic compliment the meal, combined with the always present fish sauce to provide the heavenly flavours that we so much envy from South East Asia.

Local dishes & specialities are regional - North, South, & Central! Pho, a rich Beef broth, has become the nation’s favourite dish & can be found anywhere any time of day or night.

Visit Hanoi, Hue, or Ho Chi Minh and wherever you are, you are only minutes away from exotic, exciting, but healthy food!

From my kitchen to your table, I bring you these aromas & flavours from the streets of Vietnam. You will fall in love forever with some of my dishes, maybe at the same time booking your next holiday to my wonderful country & beautiful people, you will always be made very welcome!


Vietnamese Cuisine

Most of us will recognise the main ingredients of vegetables, meat, fish, rice, and sauce in a typical Vietnamese dish.

While some of the content is unfamiliar to the Western eyes, the real difference is in preparation and methodology of cooking.

Cereal, noodle, poultry, fish, and a plethora of vegetables are diced, shredded, or thinly sliced and cooked very quickly by a method known as “stir- fry”.

It's a really simple and fast way to cook an exciting family meal in a very short time.

This method avoids losing the nutrition as a result of overcooking, retaining juices, texture, and flavours that are otherwise lost.

The “stir-fry” is often almost “dry” with only a small amount of cooking oil involved, contributing to a healthy way of eating, whilst at the same time generating mouthwatering flavours.

The historic makeup of the “stir-fry” is biased towards vegetables, rice, and noodles minimizing the meat content thus providing a healthy but tasty alternative to Western cooking.



Fresh Produce

In order to serve a healthy food, you need fresh & well chosen produce.

Once you have made your choice of menu & decided upon the size of party, we will begin the planning & procurement procedure.

We take each party individually & shop only for you, normally on the day prior to the party.

Only the finest & freshest produce is selected & only enough to meet our immediate needs - your party!

Procurement, preparation, & providing are the Three P's we work to & endeavour to complete all three functions within 48 hours, at the latest 72 hours depending on the size of party.

Our vegetables are very often locally grown to a high standard taking the shortest routes from soil to kitchen & not sitting around wilting on a wholesalers shelf!

Our meats are of the highest quality & provided exclusively by the very reputable Butcher Boy of Paphos.

Our flavours, indeed our reputation, depend on fresh good quality produce & we are confident that you & your guests will always be able to taste the difference!


Meet Chef Moon

I am Moon from Hanoi, the Capital city of Vietnam. I now live in the village of Pissouri in Cyprus.

I speak English, Chinese, and of course my mother tongue, Vietnamese.

I attended Hanoi University and after my hunger for learning I developed a passion for cooking!

Vietnamese cuisine is a very healthy and exciting alternative in these wellness aware times.

When I create a dish I only use fresh produce. My food is always prepared and cooked within hours of serving and sharing with your discerning guests.

My menus are varied and interesting, every dish will be discussed with you to ensure all tastes and appetites are catered for.

It is my wish for your party to be a success and my passion for cooking food is driven by excited and satisfied customers!

Your chosen dishes will arrive in ceramic tableware, attractive on any dining table or poolside. The food remains heated as you leisurely sample & enjoy your chosen menu. 

Make your choices and leave the cooking to me!!

Wishing you happy & healthy eating!





Place cursor on meal for more information.

*Vietnamese spring roll

Fresh shredded vegetables with generously fine minced pork, lovingly wrapped in rice paper, served with delicious sweet and sour spring roll dip.

Grilled sea-bream

Fresh sea-bream stuffed with dill and spring onion. A pilaf of rice noodles, vegetable fingers with a sweet and sour dip. A perfect dish for the fish lovers.

*Beef and bamboo shoot

Best topside beef, stir-fried with bamboo shoot and spring onion, served in Teriyaki sauce. An exciting and filling dish ideal for those seeking a substantial meal.

Sweet & sour prawn

Stir-fried prawns on a bed of egg-fried rice, complimented by bean sprouts and okra. A gentle but exciting, sweet and sour sauce completes the dish.

*Vietnamese style spare ribs

Plentiful spare ribs, rich with meat, stir-fried with onion & pineapple producing a sweet & savoury sauce to excite this dish.

*Stir-fried chicken breast

Fresh chicken breast fillet cut fine and stir-fried with mushroom, carrot and celery. Served in a mushroom sauce.

Pork & prawn rice noodles

Fresh prawns & thick sliced pork fillet with eggs, bean sprouts and spring onion as well as hot pork stock added just before serving.

*Sweet & sour beef salad

Stir-fried tender top-side beef, mixed with onion, bell-pepper, coriander & mint. Served with sweet & sour dressing & crushed fried peanuts.

Shrimp & fruit crackers

A perfect light starter of shrimp, mixed fruits, mint and cocktail sauce.

*Coconut pork

Succulent pork fillet slowly cooked in coconut & ten different spices! A tender, juicy and substantial cut of meat. Enjoy with sweet & sour pickled vegetable.

Beef egg noodles

Thin cuts of tender beef stir-fried with egg noodles, watercress and tomato. A satisfying light lunch or supper dish.

*Vegetarian dish

Fried tofu stir-fried with mixed vegetables, served in a mushroom sauce. No meat, but lots of flavours.

The above are samples of our popular dishes, however any dish can be explored if you have something specific in mind.

Note: *our most popular dishes

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is Vietnamese food hot or spicy?

No. Unlike some Thai or Indian dishes, you will find Vietnamese food gentle and sensual. The flavours are without drama.

I have never experienced Vietnamese food before what do people normally order?

Please go to this link to see our suggested popular dishes.

How much will it cost?

No more than a modest meal in a restaurant, depending on your choice of content & items in season. Please go to this link to see our suggested menus.

Do you cater for those wanting a Vegetarian dish?

Yes, it is a common request. Many Vietnamese avoid meat.

How do we pay?

50% at time of order ,remainder upon delivery.

Where do you deliver to?

There are limitations on our traveling distances. Your location and size of the party will determine the decision.

Still have questions? Call +357 97867524 | 99935494 or E-mail at moonsvietkitchen@gmail.com


"Thank you so much! What a fabulous evening, food wonderful, ambience & attention to detail was right on!"
- Deedee
Pissouri, Cyprus

"A lovely evening, great atmosphere, great food"
- Jill & Peter Munn
Pissouri, Cyprus

"Incredibly tasty, light, fresh food ,with amazing presentation"
- Lisa Sofocleous
Pissouri, Cyprus